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“I use my music to portray the devotion of my faith as a Christian”

Benny King Azangisa also known as Beniking_GOE is a young, innovative and multitalented gent. He is a Congolese born in the United Kingdom and had his journey begin from The Gambia, where he lived before moving to Wales, United Kingdom. He has a great prowess in leadership and displays an immense sum of creative skills; having a great passion for impacting his community & the world at large. 

He is a student at the university of South Wales, studying Psychology with Behavioral Analysis. He is an exceptional writer with a published Book (Anthology, 2012) – The Hidden Within, first published at the age of 18 and now at its second edition (2015); on sale in the biggest online stores in the market (Amazon, Apple Store, Kindle, iBooks, etc).  He organised a team known by the name (DomiNation Paragons, 2016), comprising of his friends from university; who by his leading, orchestrated a successful launch of his book signing, where he sold copies and presented a selection of his spoken word pieces. 

He is very business oriented and has ventured into opening his own online Store (Kench Megastores), where he sells Cultural outfits, Dresses, Shoes and Accessories. He is a blogger that writes daily Quotes (Bennysayings) having an estimate reach of over a thousand people in different countries, that follow, read and share his quotes. He intends to venture on using the medium to print the favorite quotes on outfits such as T-shirts, Caps, bags, that he’ll sell on his store. Benny is also a musician that plays the piano and drums, he is a singer/songwriter and Producer. He has an upcoming record label and a home studio he is currently building to raise young singers with their career in music. He has released his own music that is also on iTunes, Spotify and other outlets.

 Benny is also into Art, he loves to sketch and has portraits he draws from time to time. Lastly, Benny also does private lessons for kids, where he helps them in the subjects of English and Maths. He takes the time to inspire and make a difference to those in his sphere of reach.

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